FREE Chess PGN Viewers

The following are a few Free viewers that I have been using to review my games and evaluate tasks in the courses that I have been studying. My current favorite is ChessBase Reader 2013...

ChessBase Reader 2013

#1 ChessBase Reader 2013 - This is a very easy to use PNG viewer. The controls are in a great location and I love the pop up Variations window. These seem to be my most important reviewing requirements at this time. Another feature that is helpful, especially with producing material for this site, is the option to "Publish to the Web" either as a One Click Publication or to create an HTML file. However, I can't find a way to easily capture an image of just the board. You can capture a great image with ChessX though...


#2 ChessX - I don't dislike this PNG viewer. However, I wish the controls were under the board and I can't find a way to have the variations actively confront me. I love that you can easily save an image of your current board. So, I am still using this viewer...


#3 Scid vs. PC - I don't hate this viewer. The controls are in a bit of a better place, for me that is, than ChessX but I can't get the screen capture to work. It's also not as aesthetically pleasing. Is that a bit shallow? Maybe but it is 2016 and many other FREE viewers are lookin' HOT! So, I have decided to part ways and uninstall this viewer.

I'm sure there are many others but this is my list for now.